How do I find the spot price of Dubai Fatah crude oil

How do I find the spot price of Dubai Fatah crude oil

Barclays said that Iran’s output expectations have fallen from 90,000 barrels per day to 740,000 barrels per day. The sanctions are expected to have little impact on Iran's 208 crude oil output. HowevHow do I find the spot price of Dubai Fatah crude oiler, UBS stated that Iran's crude oil exports may fall by 200,000 to 500,000 barrels in the next six months.

As American shale oil continues to flock to the Asian market, the price gap between the US and Burundi oil is also expanding. The current price has reached 9 US dollars per barrel, which has also provided Asian refiners with huge arbitrage. Space, and save a considerable amount of overhead.

As oil prices continue to rise, inflation in major crude oil-consuming countries has gradually increased, suppressing demand for crude oil, leading to a decline in the consumption of crude oil and related products, which prompted OPEC to start seeking to increase production to prevent rising oil prices, leading OPEC Saudi Arabia and Russia, a leading non-OPEC oil producer, subsequently announced that they would consider increasing production, which is expected to increase by 0 million barrels per day. In contrast, Russia appears more aggressive, saying that it will increase production by 800,000 barrels per day. , Which means that global crude oil production will return to the level of 206, leading to a rapid fall in oil prices.

If Saudi Arabia’s daily crude oil exports increase by about 500,000 barrels, then the average oil price this year will drop to US$69 per barrel. When the oil price is at $70/barrel, most OPEC member states can maintain their fiscal balance. But Saudi Arabia needs a price of $89/barrel to make up for its fiscal deficit.

Although the current production is reduced and the market supply is relatively tight, if crude oil is needed, it can increase production immediately. This is Saudi Arabia's confidence. When any country has problems, it can supplement its shortage by increasing production and export. Chen Rui said.

Birol said in an interview that due to the lack of key actions by major oil-producing countries, the fourth quarter will face very, very huge challenges. Birol added that Saudi Arabia is capable of pushing crude oil production to a high of 0 million baHow do I find the spot price of Dubai Fatah crude oilrrels per day and believes that the country will perform its duties.